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Game UI Database | Contribute

Support the Game UI Database!

The Game UI Database was created as a free resource for UI/UX Designers in the games industry. It was built to aid in the discovery of new inspiration, and to provide a fast and efficient way of searching for reference materials.

All contributions go towards server maintenance, and help ensure that the site will be updated for many years to come!

Submit Screenshots

If you would like to submit screenshots to the Game UI Database, here's a quick guide on what we're looking for:


Use a software capture tool such as ShareX or the Geforce Experience Panel to capture screenshots.

All screens should be in 1080p or higher, and free of Steam overlays and notifications.

PS4 & PS5

Make sure the screenshot setting is set to PNG/High Quality. Here's how to enable this for PS4 and PS5.

Please ensure that the screenshots do not have the 'Screenshot Taken' notification at the top.


Simply press the screenshot button to save to your memory card.

You do not have to label your screenshots, simply provide as many different examples of UI as you can from a single game, and we'll do the rest!

Please upload your screenshots to a drive folder such as Google Drive or Dropbox, and send me the shared folder link via Twitter.

Your screenshots will be added to the site shortly after, and all contributors be added to this page, as well as the game they submitted.

Special Thanks

Huge thanks to Game Dev London for supporting me on the growth of this project.

Thanks to @Mcdoogleh for being an early tester, and assisting with his invaluable feedback.

Thank you to Ben Woodford (@IrregularExpr) for providing a ton of fantastic advice and helping with site optimizations when 35,000 people visited - and crashed - the site on launch weekend.

Humongous thanks to Jay Peet (@Jay_X_Peet) for rescuing me with a brand new dedicated server, and for staying up with me til the wee hours to get the site up and running again.

This site is dedicated to my awesome boyfriend Matt.

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